The person behind Acubens

As written in the index, my name's Helmut and I was born in Ilmenau, TH 1978. At that time, I raised the upcoming 12 years in the state 'German Democratic Republic'. After the German reunification, I got the abitur and spent 2 years at the security services at the German Air Force. On schedule to the autumn semester in 2000, I enlisted the degree programme civil engineering in Weimar, TH.

For close a decade, I was working as a constructing engineer with regard to precast concrete components, steel constructions and assembly plannings especially for constructions of business facilities. Since late-summer 2018 I am working as a draughtsman and deputy system administrator of my division in a half-inferior system house, specialized in CAD and GIS. The clou - back in my hometown.



While spending the christmas holidays at my parents home, my best buddy told me about a kind of scavenger hunt. So I found my first cache punctually on Christmas Eve back in 2009.

Many month later, the first highlight that's looming on the horizon - the first grand! At that time I searched almost every cache, spotted right under my nose.

Today, I recognise quality instead of quantity. That's why I prefer a well placed multi cache instead of a powertrail with completing bonus. I prefer a well written earthcache with instructive lessons at side instead of a multi encrypted mysteries. In a nutshell - I prefer the simplicity of the beginning.

That's me, a guy who loves trailing the average mountains and the associated forests of  his homeland - the Thuringian Forest.



Near the final spot of the oldest cache in Thuringia - Drei Gleichen.

This was my thousandth found in 2012.

What does Acubens mean?

The constellation Cancer is one of the twelve figures of the zodiac. Its name is Latin for crab and its commonly represented as such. Cancer is small and its stars are faint. It is located between Gemini to the west and Leo to the east, Lynx to the north and Canis Minor and Hydra to the south.

Acubens (from the Arabic الزبانة az-zubānah 'the claws') is the name of the cancers main star and CNC ist the abbreviation of the regular identification code of the latin name. Therefore it resultes to α Cancri, in the sketch the biggest star.