Impressions from around the


Well, at least from Thuringia. 😉


It has become more and more important to me to meet people I call friends by now. Over the time, there has been several friendships originated. But due to the fact of family, work and such incidents, there is at least once or twice a quarter the opportunity to meet those people.

Sitting together, shooting the breeze, drinking some good german beer - these are the ingredients of distinguished convivial meetings.

Preferably I participate such events in Ilmenau, TH and in the immediate vicinity. But being part of a small group of friends, there will also be some road trips. Dansk, Czech Republik, Austria, Switzerland - as long as the event is able to be reached by car within one day (including the journey home), such trips are always a welcome diversion.


While flying the kites in autumn 2011 with a former pal of mine, the idea was born to host a kite-event. Well, the wind's always quite stormy in Weimarian Fields. So my first event took place in 2011 near Belvedere in Weimar, TH. In the consecutive year there was a remake of that event. As funny as the last year one.

As written in the index respective my feelings about the urge to do some homeland stuff, I projected an event deep in the forest. To reach the spot, you have to bicycle or you have to walk at least 2 miles through the pleasant forest. No cars, no cell phones, no anything - just you in the forest. This event was hosted again 2 years later.

Due to the fact, the cabin is no longer available, these events in midst of the forest at so socalled 'Pferdeställchen' will occur at another spot.

Additional to the in-midst-events, there took some spot-satelliting-events place, I called 'at the woods skirt' (german: An des Waldes Rande). The intention is to place 1 - 2 events per year at the edge of the forest, indulging the hobby within a forest/mountain hut while chatting and enjoing the afternoon/evening.

Back in 2007, a Berlin geocacher invented a central event in Berlin at the origin doner takeaway. There was the intention to place a peripheral mega event - but not approved due from the headquarter. That's why several events took place in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Mallorca. In the upcoming years, these events became organised within the german languaged 'green' forum, at lest the events in Germany.

These events occur on Maundy Thursday in the Holy Week - the Doners Day.

In 2017, the participation of one of those events was appreciated with a souvenir on the part of the hq.

I started hosting such an event in 2012 in Weimar, TH. The upcoming events took place in Ilmenau, TH.

This year, 2020, there's no event - due to the fact of Covid-19!
Extremely regrettable.